14 06 2007

Yep, just like the title says.. I’m sick. It is rather unusual, because it is the first time I’ve been sick with anything in the past year. Throwing up, migraine, fever… I don’t know how on earth I got it! Hopefully its one of those 24-hour bugs. I a missing work tonight, and I just hope I am better to work 7-3 tomorrow. But most imortantly, my boyfriend’s (JD) baseball team (my high school), has made it to the PA State Championship for the first time, and I got off of work to drive out (4 hours!!) to see the game. I really do not want to miss the game, it means so much to JD that I’m there.

I hate having to lay around all day, and not be able to work out. Most people my age would love to lay around all day, everyday. I hate it. It makes me feel like a bum. When I get my wisdom teeth out in July, I am supposed to not do any physcial activity for 2 weeks! I might make it three days, but not 14.

And, one last thing, I just want to thank everyone who has wished me congratulations on my graduation… I can’t wait for the next challenge! Take care everyone, and run some miles for me!

Ah, Graduation.

12 06 2007

Sorry its been quite a few days since posting, I’ve been incredibly busy due to all the graduation activities. However, my party and my boyfriends party are all over with, and company has left, so things should be quieting down. I did, of course, continue to train, just haven’t gotten to posting here. Today I worked 8 hours, blah, then hit the gym for an easy 23min 5K and some cycle work. I lifted yesterday, and plan on a 7 mile run tomorrow morning. Wishing you all the best!


Day Two.

8 06 2007

So, after working from 7-2 today, I got myself to run a 25 minute 5K, cycle for 15 minutes, and lift. A little sluggish, but I am amazed at how awake I become after a workout. I love it… I’m used to doing my routines right after school, at 3, and it is just what I need that time of day. Now that its summer, my routine time’s will vary, but I guess we’ll see what happens! Hmm, the only problem I am faced with right now is what to cook for dinner =)

Hope you all have a lovely evening… I know I will, relaxing in the cool air with a book!

Hello world!

6 06 2007

Hello All!

I’m Erica, and just turned 18. I graduate from high school June 7th (tomorrow night!) I will be attending Susquehanna University in the fall, with a Pre-Law concentration. I was recently looking into training for a triathlon, and upon browsing the different evens offered in PA, actually found one that will be held in my university’s town! So, I plan on registering and giving the sport of triathlon-ing a shot! I have been concentrating on running for the past several months, but recently became interested in adding to my routine. And, since summer is here, swimming fits in very nicely! I hope to blog on here very often, in order to keep my training on track and just overall enhance the experience of working towards completing a triathlong.